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SEPTEMBER 22, 2018

Cuba and the United States, Face to Face (+Video)

Canadian journalist Arnold August devotes searching analysis to the current status of relations between the two countries, marked by imperial designs and the Cuban people’s determination to resist their consequences. SEPTEMBER 22

Nancy Hernández, Vice-President, Instituto Cubano del Libro, and essayist Luis Toledo Sande presented the text in Old Havana

by Liset García

“Since my first visit to Cuba in 1991, as a tourist, I’ve been impressed by the people, their way of thinking, their dignity and patriotism. That’s why I’ve come back so many times,” said Canadian journalist and professor Arnold August.

What has changed in the relationship between Cuba and the United States? That is the question August asked himself on this complex and long-standing issue, and the answers – or rather, first approximations to answers – that he found are contained in his most recent book, Cuba-US Relations: Obama and Beyond. It was launched on September 22 at the “Sábado del Libro” (Book Saturday) event, held on Calle de Madera in Old Havana.

As stated by its presenter, the essayist Luis Toledo Sande, this book sheds light on the essentially permanent nature of imperialism as a system that strives to dominate the world, resorting to trickery and deceit when necessary – and not only in the case of Cuba. Two faces of this approach have recently made themselves visible: the line taken by Barack Obama, followed by the more crudely aggressive threats served up by Donald.

Translated from the original Spanish 

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