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Ferguson: What’s Going on?

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What’s Going On?

Ferguson, Obama and American Democracy


A few days after the killing of Michael Brown, which occurred on August 9, 2014, Obama stated that “there are going to be different accounts” and “differences in terms of what needs to happen,” but “that’s part of democracy.”

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One Reply to “CounterPunch/My article –
Ferguson: What’s Going on?”

  1. Your great article in Counter Punch deserves a comment. In the case of Ferguson, Black and white unity in race relations and workplace strikes etc. places the burden on the system of class oppression in the United States that produces police violence and racial profiling to keep people in their place. I felt the same anguish for the Michael Brown family after the grand jury decision. President Obama took a bribe when he accepted the Nobel Prize award for peace. Now the corporate class will “call in their chips” the next 2 years to gain any advantage possible. We must stay alert.