Michael Brown and Eric Garner:
Peace and Violence in “American Democracy”


My December 8th article published in Global Research is entitled:

Michael Brown and Eric Garner: Peace and Violence in “American Democracy”

I deal with the situations in Ferguson, New York and Berkeley in the context of analyzing the controversial issues of peace and violence. How do these contested factors play out in “American democracy”? What are the inner-workings of democracy in the U.S. and the role of the establishment media? For the full article, see Global Research. What are your thoughts?

One Reply to “Michael Brown and Eric Garner:
Peace and Violence in “American Democracy””

  1. Hi Arnold

    I appreciated the article and found it touches directly what we have been facing in Quebec since the student struggle three years ago. I’m including a video link of the police reaction yesterday in Montreal to a protest against the Plan Nord.


    I, like hundreds of others, am facing a trial and a fine of 637$ for having walked one and a half times around Emilie Gamelin Park to protest the municipal by-law P6 which, among other things, obliges demonstrators to give their itinerary to the police to have the ” legal”
    right to demonstrate. And they have the right to refuse the itinerary if it doesn’t suit them.

    I heard rumors that both the police actions in Toronto against the G8
    protests and the police actions in Montreal were observed by police forces across Canada and also from the US as a course on crowd control. Maybe some of those in Ferguson, New York or Berkeley got some boots on the ground tips from us.

    I’m not a writer but I sure think someone should take up the police actions against the students and the continuing political profiling of demonstrations here, particularly the horror scene in Victoriaville during the Liberal Party convention. I think some of the people reading your article in the US might find such an article on Quebec very informative.